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Primary maths competency is a fundamental driver for success in secondary school and beyond. By combining national requirements with the internationally recognised PISA framework for maths assessment, we provide a comprehensive foundation in numeracy.

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Outnumber is inclusive – aligned with UK schools years and international grades

Outnumber is inclusive to both classroom teachers and homeschooling parents. All learning levels align with both UK school years, and international grades – so that progression formats for all learners are covered. Each level indicates which years and grades course contents are aligned with.

The Outnumber Curriculum Approach

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Learn through interactive problem-solving

Outnumber Primary Module

The learning outcomes are researched and curated from leading national curriculums and adapted to PISA concepts of 21st century skills and context-rich learning. With a best-of-breed approach, we aim to deliver a learning experience that is internationally competitive.

Enriched Curriculum

We researched the national curriculum contents of eight countries and developed an enriched curriculum guided by the PISA framework, which emphasises number sense and mathematical reasoning. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of curriculum content design, education technology, and cognitive science, ensuring that our users enjoy an ever-evolving and improved learning journey.

The Outnumber Curriculum Approach

The Outnumber Curriculum Approach

Learn through context-rich problems on broad and balanced contents

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Primary maths app that develops independent learners

PISA Mathematics Framework

Our curriculum is influenced by practices adopted by high-performing nations. PISA is an internationally recognised framework for learning and assessing mathematics. Singapore has consistently outperformed larger nations in PISA mathematics assessments. Singapore's approach to mathematics promotes creativity, cultivating adaptable thinkers with 21st-century skills.

Raising Standards

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) from OECD considers the essential mathematical skills of a 21st century prepared mathematician. PISA measures 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science skills to meet real-life challenges. Mapping existing skills to this framework serves as a starting point to upgrade mathematics education to better prepare students for the demands they will face in the future.

PISA 2021 Mathematics Framework

Building Blocks of Modern Mathematics Learning

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Primary maths app that promotes 21st century skills

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