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Through an innovative blend of AI, cognitive learning strategies and the prioritisation of 21st-century skills, our mathematics learning platform helps develop flexible learners and non-linear thinkers.

In our bid to close gaps in outcomes we have recognised 3 key factors that, combined together, will bring to life the aspirational vision we have for mathematics learning.

21st Century Skills 21st Century Skills

Numerical reasoning, number sense, research, inquiry, collaboration, creativity, information-use and critical thinking are all skills that define a well-rounded mathematician who is able to adapt to everyday mathematical scenarios and demands. Our application appreciates the importance of context to learning, adding richness and reality to concepts to facilitate a deeper understanding.

Cognitive ScienceCognitive Science

Understanding our brains and how we learn is fundamental to successfully acquiring knowledge and skills that serve us well into the future. By applying a range of cognitive-based learning strategies, The Outnumber Project maximises on both user engagement and knowledge retention for an immersive and productive learning experience.

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

The uniquity of AI means that technology can play a key role in tailoring the learning experience for each user. Addressing gaps in individual knowledge makes way for self-paced learning that neither holds children back or pushes them too quickly. Our learning application adapts to the student, creating a learning environment that is motivating and appropriately scaled, leaving no child behind.

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